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SMARTGEN HP16S100-10 lithium battery protection board

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Product Overview:

HP16S100 series lithium battery protection board is a significant part of low-voltage lithium battery module, mainly used as backup power supply for 15~16 strings lithium battery base station communication, household energy storage and other systems. It can monitor the working status (voltage, current, temperature, etc.) of battery pack to alarm and protect the over/under voltage, over current, over temperature, reverse connection, etc. It can also provide the balanced protection function to extend the service life for battery cell, and realize the data monitoring, parameter configuration and firmware upgrade via RS232, RS485, CANBUS and other interfaces.


1 .The stable and reliable AFE chip is adopted to realize the voltage detection of the cells, which supports the voltage detection of up to 16 strings of cells;
2. Max. 4 channels of cell temperature detection are supported, and the temperature sensor type is NTC 10K-3950;
3. 1 MOS field-effect transistor temperature sampling function, 1 ambient temperature sampling function;
4. Alarm and protection functions of over/under voltage, over current, over temperature, reverse connection, etc.;
5. Battery loop charge and discharge control, carrying current capacity is 100A;
6. With 1# isolated CANBUS interface, 1# isolated RS232 interface, 1# isolated RS485 interface, 1# isolated and parallel connected RS485 interface, max.15 modules cascade communication are supported;
7. LED indication includes power supply indicator, charge/discharge indicator, power indicator and alarm indicator;
8. 2 Aux. output ports;
9. DIP switch is used to set module address and access to the 120Ω impedance matching resistor of the communication interface;
10. Current limiting function 10A (Optional);
11. It has sleep and wakeup functions for low power consumption;
12. Passive balance function, and the max. balanced current is 85mA;
13. RTC display and event log functions, which can circularly record 1000 groups of warning, protection, fault and other alarms when they occur and eliminate the records;
14. The black box function can record 3 groups of protection and fault events. Each group records 60 pieces of data 50s before and 10s after an event occurs;
15. The power is supplied by battery module;
16. With buzzer alarm function;
17. With heating function, which is used for battery module heating;
18. The maximum capacity load of the pre-charging circuit is 30000uF, and specific value is subject to the actual measurement of the system;
19. The firmware is upgraded via RS485 and RS232 interfaces.

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